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If you do just one thing every day, no matter how seemingly small, to uplift the life of another
– human, animal or our planet –
in just 40 years you will have directly impacted the lives of 14 610 beings! Indirectly however – countless.


This is how I managed to raise R128,008.44 worth of funds, donations and awareness for charity in 2016. (In South African Rands, that’s a lot on money!)

Many people want to make a difference but a shortage of finances, time and resources prevent them from doing anything at all.

#JustOneThing is a ‘HOW TO’ resource platform – a compilation of simple, easy and practical ideas of how you can make a difference.

#JustOneThing is not reserved for doing good once a year or on an ad-hoc basis. It’s the daily conscious and intentional lifestyle choices we make – our thoughts, actions and habits – that will change the world.  We make conscious and sub-conscious choices everyday – it’s time to make them count

#JOT is a powerful initiative to engage your employees and propels you to a place of greater impact and influence with a culture of conscious, purposeful and generous people.

Contact Petra for a free consultation on how to implement #JOT as a team-building, innovation workshop or CSI programme.

5 rescue dogs created a masterpiece with the help of internationally acclaimed artists in 2016. The painting sold for R10 000 with ALL proceeds going to PETS (Pet Empowerment in Townships Rescue). The happiest video ever! Have a watch!